Microlight Flights from the Magaliesburg

Take a beautiful Magaliesburg scenic flight from 10 km northeast of the Hartbeespoort Dam, the pilot will fly you along the Magaliesburg ridge (these mountains are amongst the oldest in the world, almost 100 times older than Mount Everest) and also see Hartbeespoort dam in the background. The route does depend on what the wind is doing on the day though.

Flights are conducted in an Airborne Edge Microlight with the prospective student sitting in tandem behind the pilot and has an almost 300 degree view of the amazing scenery.

In the Aquilla [Open Cockpit]

30 Minutes: R 1 200.00 per person

60 Minutes: R 2 400.00 per person

Microlight Flights – The important Stuff 

  • What to wear: Comfortable clothing, takkies. Warm clothing in winter, even a beany, it can get really cold up there!
  • How many in one aircraft: Two, you and the pilot.
  • Is there an age limit? 12 is the youngest age.
  • Is there a weight limit? Yes, 100 kgs.


Launching from either Clarens, The Cradle, The Magaliesburg,  or Parys the views are so different.

Magaliesburg: Take a beautiful Magaliesburg scenic flight from the river valley
R 3490 per person

Clarens: the Maluti mountains dominate the landscape, glowing red in the morning sun.
R 3100 per person.

The Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site: a stunning flight from Toadbury Hall if the wind direction plays its part.
R 2800 per person

Parys: you can fly over the amazing Vredefort Dome the largest crater in the world.
R 2850 per person.

Ballooning-The important Stuff

  • When: Sparrows, all the flights are at dawn so think about staying over somewhere.
  • How many in one basket: From 3 to 9 (including the pilot, he really needs to be there!)
  • How far in advance do I need to book? As much as possible, at least two weeks.
  • Is there an age limit? Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult, no children under 4 unless an exclusive family package.
  • Is there a weight limit? 125 kg


After a 20 minute briefing on the tandem skydive, you will accompany a qualified Tandem Master (TM) to 8000 feet above the ground. Then, using tandem skydiving equipment designed to carry you both, exit the aircraft and experience about 30 seconds of exhilarating and extraordinary free-fall tandem skydiving, after which the Tandem Master will deploy the canopy and do the canopy checks. You can then assist the Tandem Master in flying and landing the canopy, or leave it all to him and just enjoy the skydiving experience. The tandem skydive flight will last 5 – 7 minutes.

Wonderboom or Vaal Dam

  • Weekends: R 3900.00 per person inc video package 
  • Week Days: R 5550.00 per person including video package

Tandem Skydive – The important Stuff 

  • Where from: From Wonderboom or the Vaal Dam
  • What to wear: Comfortable clothing, takkies not with hook type laces. (Getting those caught in the canopy will really spoil your day!)
  • Is there an age limit? 16 is the youngest and if you are under 21 you need your guardians signature. If you are over 40 you need to state your medical fitness.
  •  Is there a weight limit? Yes, 100kgs.