Find all your sky adventures in Durban here with us. We offer scenic coastal flights in microlights, hot air balloons, helicopters, and a light sport plane called The Sling. For the adrenallen junkies we have tandem sky diving and if you’re interested in KZN history why not fly out to explore the famous Battle of Isandlwana. Find out more below.


Enjoy a coastal flight where Whale Sharks, Rays, Turtles and all sorts of marine life are easily spotted from the open microlight.

Microlight Flights – The important Stuff 

  • What to wear: Comfortable clothing, takkies. Warm clothing in winter, even a beany, it can get really cold up there!
  • How many in one aircraft: Two, you and the pilot.
  • Is there an age limit? 12 is the youngest age.
  • Is there a weight limit? Yes, 110 kgs.


In the Aquilla [Open Cockpit]

15 Minute Flight at R840 per person
This route takes you along the coast to Umkomaas beach and back, exploring the beautiful shoreline.

30 Minute Flight at R1320 per person
This route takes you from Umkomaas Villiage along the coast to Scottburgh and back, exploring the beautiful shoreline.

45 Minute Flight at R1920 per person
This route takes you from Umkomaas Villiage to Winklespruit along the coast to Scottburgh and back, exploring the beautiful shoreline. One of the best adventures in Durban..

60 Minute Flight at R2520 per person
The route takes you Umkomaas Villiage to Illovo, to Amazimtoti, to Umkomaas, Scottburgh and back, exploring the beautiful shoreline.


In the Aquilla [Open Cockpit]

20 Minute Flight at R 850 per person

30 Minute Flight at R 1 250 per person

Explore the North Coast from Umvoti with beautiful sea views! All the fights from Umvoti head north due to King Shaka airspace regulations and along the coast towards and past Blythedale Beach depending on the length of flight.


In Kzn, the hot air balloons fly from various locations; Tala Valley, Champagne Valley and the Midlands, close to Hartford House  

or Spring Water Farm or Granny Mouse . All the balloons launch at dawn so either you have to get up at “sparrows” or you need to find accommodation close by, we can advise you on that. The balloon flights include coffee and biscuits before the flight, champagne or fruit juice afterwards, and breakfast back at the launch site. One of the best adventures in Durban, the flight itself is about 45 minutes to an hour. (Great for a Gift Voucher!)

Tala Valley balloon is R 3100 per person sharing.

Midlands balloon is R 3100 per person sharing.

Champagne Valley balloon is R 2950 per person sharing.

Hot Air Ballooning – The important Stuff 

  • When: Sparrows, all the flights are at dawn so think about staying over somewhere.
  • How many in one basket: From 3 to 9 (including the pilot, he really needs to be there!)
  • How far in advance do I need to book? As much as possible, at least two weeks.
  • Is there an age limit? Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult, no children under 4 unless an exclusive family package.
  • Is there a weight limit? Yes – 125 kg


We do the paragliding from either the Bluff or at Bulwer on the 1000ft mountain. As with all flying, paragliding is heavily dependant on the wind and direction so booking for a particular day and time is virtually impossible. If you choose the Bluff then the instructor will contact you and advise when the weather is looking favourable. If you choose the Bulwer option then its best to make a day or even a weekend of it and stay over. You will meet at the office in Bulwer and be taken up the mountain in the 4×4 and briefed before being strapped in and going for your flight. The flights are about 15 to 20 minutes depending on what the wind is doing.

Standard Tandem Flight :  R 1250.00 per person.

Adventure Tandem Flight:  R 1500.00 per person.

Video of your flight:  R 250.00 per person

Gyro-copter flights – The important Stuff

  • Where from? The Bluff or Bulwer
  • When? Depends on the weather
  • What to wear? Sunscreen, hat, longs, jacket, juice/water, snacks
  • How far in advance do I need to book? A week should be fine
  • Is there an age limit? No children under 12
  • Is there a weight limit? 100 kg


We do amazing scenic coastal flight from Virginia airport or inland to the valley of 1000 Hills. Choose from one of the below best adventures in Durban or we can arrange a Private Charter to any destination.  Please give us some time to organise it and quote you.

Helicopter flights – The important Stuff 

  • When:  Any time in daylight.
  • What to wear:   It doesn’t matter, something comfortable though.
  • How far in advance do I need to book?   A week should be fine.
  • What information do we need:  We need all the names of the passengers as well as their weights when you book.


12 minute beachfront flight
Down to the Moses Mabhida stadium and back.

R 3 335.00 flat rate
Between 1-3 passengers


30 minutes
This tour is along the Durban beachfront and up to Umhlanga lagoon and back.

R 5 520.00 flat rate
Between 1-3 passengers

R xxxxxx.00 flat rate

4 Passengers


45 minutes
A scenic coastal flight down the coast to the Umngeni River mouth, then turn inland up the Umngeni River valley & through the Valley of 1000 Hills before returning via greater Durban, the harbour and the Golden Mile.

R  6440.00 flat rate
Between 1-3 passengers

R x xxxx
4 Passengers


The River Run Picnic Flight
An exciting fast and often low-level flight above a meandering river with tall cliffs on either side. The flight starts at Virginia and tracks seawards of the coastline towards Umngeni River mouth. You climb up for breathtaking views of a Valley of a thousand hills and skim over Inanda dam. The stopover is on a mountaintop over-looking the dam for a prepared picnic – we do cater for any special requirements.

Once you have enjoyed your time on the mountain you then head down the Umgeni River back to the coast. The flying time is approximately 30 mins and most clients stay on the mountain for about an 45 minutes. Flights may vary in time and flight path according to airspace control and pilot judgment.

R  6 620.00 flat rate
Between 1-3 passengers

R 9 600
4 Passengers


The African Safari Experience at Rain Farm Game Lodge (1⁄2 Day Tour)

You charter a helicopter to this amazing inland lodge at Umhlali. You could do a game drive and romantic picnic by the dam, have a spa treatment, lunch or just laze by the pool before heading back to the helicopter and back to Durban. 

R  Enquire flat rate
[Flight only]
Between 1-3 passengers

R Enquire flat rate
[Flight only]

4 Passengers

Ask us about the individual activity prices


Phezulu Safari Park
This amazing experience starts with a 20 minute flight to Phezulu Safari Park on the edge of the Valley of Thousand Hills. You will be met by a game warden and taken on a 1 hour game drive through the park where you may see giraffe, wildebeest, impala, zebra, bush buck, and loads more, not to mention the wide variety of bird species. After the drive you can go to the Zulu dancing show with dancers in their traditional garb, showing off their skills with grace and humour. After that a lunch at the Boma (for your account) with fantastic views of the Valley of a Thousand Hills.

R  8 300 flat rate
Between 1-3 passengers

R10 900.00
4 Passengers


East Coast Brewing Company
30 minute scenic coastal flight down to Umkomaas landing at The East Coast Brewing Company for lunch and drinks (For your account)

R  9 200 flat rate
Between 1-3 passengers

R 10 500.00 flat rate
4 Passengers

R 17 500.00 flat rate
6 Passengers


After a 20 minute briefing on the tandem skydive, you will accompany a qualified Tandem Master (TM) to 8000 feet above the ground. Then, using tandem skydiving equipment designed to carry you both, exit the aircraft and experience about 30 seconds of exhilarating and extraordinary free-fall tandem skydiving, after which the Tandem Master will deploy the canopy and do the canopy checks. You can then assist the Tandem Master in flying and landing the canopy, or leave it all to him and just enjoy the skydiving experience. The tandem skydive flight will last 5 – 7 minutes. This is one of the best adventures in Durban and great for a Gift Voucher!

R 2 500.00 per person

DVD & Photo Package is R 660.00

Tandem Skydive – The important Stuff 

  • Where from: Eston
  • What to wear: Comfortable clothing, takkies not with hook type laces. (Getting those caught in the canopy will really spoil your day!)
  • Is there an age limit? 16 is the youngest and if you are under 21 you need your guardians signature. If you are over 40 you need to state your medical fitness.
  •  Is there a weight limit? Yes, 100kgs.

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the beautiful experience. A special thank you to Vernon by making my daughter Deeandra so comfortable and affording her the opportunity to have the best 21st birthday experience. She absolutely loved it and stated it was one of the most exhilarating experiences. May your business grow from strength to strength.

Anashnee Chinaboo


The Sling , light sport plane, is in a category up from the microlights. Capable of cruising at 90 knots and a top speed of 110 knots you can really cover a huge area in a flight.

A scenic coastal flight from the Umkomaas Airfield you will be able to feel out the controls with the experienced instructor on your flight, this is one of the best adventures in Durban and a great idea for a Gift Voucher

30 Minutes: R 1 620.00 per person

45 Minutes: R 2340.00 per person

60 Minutes: R 3000.00 per person

Light Sport Aircraft flights-The important Stuff 

  • What to wear: Comfortable clothing, takkies. Warm clothing in winter, it can get really cold up there!
  • How many in one aircraft: Two, you and the pilot.
  • Is there an age limit? 12 is the youngest age.
  •  Is there a weight limit? Yes, 110 kgs.


The battle of Isandlwana was the largest defeat the British empire had ever felt. More has been written about this battle than any other single engagement in the history of South Africa. One of the reasons for this is that the true story will never be told as all the British soldiers who stayed until the end were killed. Zulu reports suffer from inaccurate translations and from the time lapse between the battle and their recording.

Join us for a flight from Durban North through to Isandlwana lodge where you will be taken on a tour of the Isandlwana battle field in the morning and Rourke’s Drift in the afternoon with lunch at the lodge.

Robinson R 44: Three seater: R 26 200

Robinson R 66: Four seater R 28 500

Bell B 407: Six seater R 50 000

Please note, these prices do not include lunch at Isandlwana Lodge.


Apart from being the owner of Sky Adventures, Rhod is also a qualified level 4 Kzn Cultural Tour Guide specialising in the battlefields.

We can combine the flying with a local tour, pointing out places of interest or we could do a multi-day tour of the Kzn battlefields in the midlands or in Zululand.

Gives us a call and we can custom prepare a package for you.